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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wedding Fun!

These are just a few pics from a few weddings ago. They finally got back to me with pictures. None of them are pictures of the final look but the process looks fun!

Most of them went for flawless skin & natural looks. I am hoping to get some photos back from the last wedding I did because the Bride went for something more dramatic, which is rare!

For your wedding - how do you want your makeup?
If you already had a wedding - how did you do your makeup?
Would you hire an MUA or do it yourself?
What about your bridesmaids, mothers, aunt, etc?



  1. Beautiful makeup! i just like being natural when it comes to makeup :)

  2. Nice behind the scenes photos :D
    I'd go for a dramatic look... and hiring a MUA or not will depend on my mood :)
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  3. You have the best job, it must be so exciting doing bridal makeup

  4. that would be awesome!!! be with girls on their happiest day:)

  5. Your have a great job! This is what I want to do! For my wedding I hired a MUA she did the usual bridal look very natural except for my eyes, she used a bit more of plum eyeshadow which made it a bit more dramatic which I love!

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  7. I think I will lean towards the fresh nasturalbeauty look as well
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  8. that must be great!

  9. such a great post on you doing make-up on the wedding party! I would definitely get someone to do it for me, for a more natural look :)
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  10. I loved the pics! I went for a dramatic look on my wedding day, and I LOVED IT. hired someone for everyone FOR SURE.

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    xoxo Linds

  11. great job dear,you job look so exciting :D